The Myths of Mobile Webdesign

During one of the London Internet World 2009 mobile web seminars, Giles Colborne of CX Partners explained a number of myths of mobile webdesign. Morningtime is willing to pick up on latest trends and pursues good practice for mobile web development.

Mobile Myths

  1. A mobile site is just a 'small website'. It's not a stripped down copy of the desktop internet corporate homepage. People want to use mobile websites to quickly find or store information. Such as the title of a book, the location of a great hotel. They will use that information when they get home.
  2. One size fits all. There are many different mobiles and platforms with old and new technologies. A site designed for an iPhone does not work on an old WAP-enabled phone (e.g. Noka 3310). The range is from pure text browsers via strict XHTML to Full desktop HTML. This means you need to target design to the most used platforms. Tune to the mobile phone's different characteristics.
  3. People won't register on mobile phones. They will, but the process has to be incredibly easy. Mobile phones are more personal than home computers. People want to store their information on them, to get easier access to services.