London Internet World 2009

Morningtime visited the London Internet World 2009. A great deal was learned on building corporate websites, the mobile internet, flexible and scalable hosting, latest trends in design and usability, and plenty more topics.

Attending DrupalCon 2010

Drupal is the immensely popular CMS for building websites. Each a Drupal conference is held in a major city. For 2010, the conference is held in San Francisco. Morningtime's CEO will visit the conference targeting commercial business opportunities, as well as learning from the best developers in the world. Also...

Attending London Internet World 2010

Morningtime's CEO, Mathijs Koenraadt, will visit the three-day London Internet World convention. Looking for new business opportunities and learning from the world's greatest web builders.

About Internet World

Internet World is Europe's longest running, best attended and biggest annual event for digital marketing and online business.

Now in its 18th year, it is the only event that brings...

The Myths of Mobile Webdesign

During one of the London Internet World 2009 mobile web seminars, Giles Colborne of CX Partners explained a number of myths of mobile webdesign. Morningtime is willing to pick up on latest trends and pursues good practice for mobile web development.

Mobile Myths

  1. A mobile site is just a 'small website'. It's not a stripped down copy of the desktop internet corporate homepage. People want to use mobile websites to quickly find or store information. Such as the title
  2. ...

Morningtime develops fully featured MasterCard Internet Gateway Service (MIGS) extension for Magento Commerce

As early as 2004 MasterCard developed their Virtual Payment Client for processing Credit Card payments online (ecommerce/internet). But to date the popular Magento Commerce package did not provide support for it. Morningtime has developed the fully featured MasterCard MIGS extension for Magento Commerce.

Our extension supports both Merchant Server...

UNplus / UNAIDS launch

Morningtime built a CMS for UNplus, a division of UNAIDS. The website was officially opened by Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General.

"[...] Coinciding with the meeting with the UN Secretary-General, UNPlus officially launched its website: . The website provides staff members, UN agencies and other external partners with important information concerning HIV in the workplace. It also...

Morningtime develops Buckaroo Payment Suite for Magento Commerce

Morningtime developed a feature-rich Buckaroo 'Payment Suite' for Magento Commerce. Buckaroo is a popular Dutch payment provider. The Buckaroo advantage is their offer of offline and afterpay methods, such as Bank Transfer (eenmalige machtiging), Direct Debit (overboeking) and PayperEmail (receive an email to pay later). 

The new Morningtime Buckaroo Suite can submit customer data directly to Buckaroo. This is useful for BetaalGarant, where a customer needs to submit his gender, phone number,...