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Web Development

We help clients develop a wide range of web platforms, from startups to corporate APIs. With over a decade of experience, we know how to build ecommerce frontends, corporate blogs, advanced data tools, and more.

Recent Work

Bitcoin Payment Processor


'eCash' was a Bitcoin startup determined to solve the barrier to pay online. For example, popular credit card processors may charge a payment fee up to 6% per transaction. When middle-class merchants struggle to make ends meet with 2% margins, clearly such outrageous fees kill business. Bitcoin can best be understood as a 'counter-corporate' technology that believes We the People deserve to process our own finances.

Price Comparison and Dropshipping Engine


'ShopCircuit' is a price comparison engine that can read millions of products from suppliers' data feeds. It can handle dozens of product attributes. Using artificial intelligence, the engine tracks products' end-of-lifecycle to automatically remove products no longer available to consumers. Using compressed (gzipped) XML and CSV data as inputs, the engine can update a million product datasheets per hour on a single medium-end server.